Joining Mainline Health Fitness & Wellness in 2017, this was my first gym membership. I found out very shortly after joining that it was not just a gym membership, it was full fitness & wellness program. Initially I only met with a trainer to complete my reoccurring mobility re-evaluation and to get a new workout routine. Since I wasn’t very familiar with working out this was priceless for me. After about a year I had my evaluation completed by Personal Trainer Lily Barrett, as they say… from there the rest is history. After meeting with Lily I decided I wanted to pursue personal training, which was an additional cost but so very worth it. Lily’s knowledge and training skills are so very valuable to me. She has taught me so much about muscles groups, the importance of form, and what a well-rounded workout routine is. We have now been training together for several years and I still value each and every training session. Lily continues to encourage me and because of this I have managed to complete exercises that I would have never dreamed to try.